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Interrogatories. The Court now GRANTS the Request to issue the Interrogatories. A legally qualified representative of the Garnishee Defendant is ORDERED to either appear in person and be prepared to provide all the information requested in these Interrogatories OR to fully answer all Interrogatories and return
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Interrogatories for Earnings . Case Number _____ Judge _____ If you are an employer who is garnishing earnings, the court has prepared an interactive worksheet that will calculate the amount to be withheld and prepare the Answers to Interrogatories form ready for filing. To use the worksheet, use the Online Court
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Mar 25, 2009 · Interrogatory No.4: Other than in this lawsuit, has Maxus or Tierra ever presented you with a claim for indemnification pursuant to Section 9.03(b) of the Stock Purchase Agreement? If your answer is anything other than an unqualified "No," explain in detail. Answer to Interrogatory No.4: Occidental objects to this question because it exceeds
An interrogatory that contains many subparts may count as multiple interrogatories. There is an exception to this Rule: the “form” interrogatories found in the Appendix to the Maryland Rules. Md. Rule 2-421(a) specifically states that “[e]ach form interrogatory contained in the Appendix” counts as a single interrogatory. You should ... Sample interrogatories & document requests in a trademark case 1. Identify with particularity each specific product or service (not just the general description as set forth by ABC in its federal application) which ABC’s ABC Marks are used, intended to be used, associated with or alluded to be associated with.
3. If you object to a portion or an aspect of any Interrogatory, state the grounds of your objection with specificity and answer the remainder of the Interrogatory. 4. If, in answering these interrogatories, you encounter any ambiguities when construing a question, instruction, or definition, your answer shall set forth the matter deemed In addition to the stock set of interrogatories, which can get you the names of witnesses the defendant(s) have or intend to call, exhibits they plan to use, identity of their experts and the defendants’ insurance information, etc., you should add interrogatories which request information on the defendant’s education, training, experience ... Medical Malpractice Interrogatories to Defendant Doctor (Amended May 30, 2008, eff. immediately) 1. State your full name, professional and residence addresses, and attach a current copy of your curriculum vitae (CV). In the event you do not have a CV, state in detail your professional qualifications, including your education by
Supreme Court of Ohio Uniform Domestic Relations Form 7 COMPLAINT FOR DIVORCE WITH CHILDREN Approved under Ohio Civil Rule 84 Amended: September 21, 2020 Page 1 of 3 IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS Previous questions relied on by the question at issue (for instance, if a question says, “if the response to interrogatory #1 was affirmative, please state…” you may have to include interrogatory #1 and its response for reference). A summary of relevant pleadings. Note: Identify the interrogatories in question by name and set number.
REQUEST FOR INTERROGATORIES 1. Please identify each person who answer these interrogatories and each person (attach pages if necessary) who assisted, including attorneys, accountants, employees of third party entities, or any other person consulted, however briefly, on the content of any answer to these interrogatories. ANSWER: 2.
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