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I didn't plate my G35 Diff, just welded the Gear like you then Welded them to the Case, Have driven 5000+Km like this. Should open it when I change some bushing, did one oil change after the first event. Started my weld with my 140 MIG but finished with an 240 Lincoln Stick, Mig was cutting out.
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Example: Alex works 6 hours, and Sam works 9 hours. Difference = 6 − 9 = −3 But in this case we ignore the minus sign, so we say the difference is simply 3 (We could have done the calculation as 9 − 6 = 3 anyway,
To calibrate the stone, submerge it in water at the same orientation as it will be in the tank and slowly increase the PSI until bubbles begin to flow, record the PSI, then slowly decrease the CO2 until the bubbles stop completely. Record this last PSI reading and take the average of these two readings to determine your wetting pressure PSI. A welded differential keeps both of the back wheels on the car spinning at the same speed, but since the wheel on the outside is typically spinning faster than the inner wheel in a turn or corner ...
put a peace 3/8 plate in and weld 360' around it and in the corners of the spider gears and your done. That first pic is a waste of time. Welding to cast iron isnt a smart thing to do either not to mention the spatter.
We gained 1/2" of ground clearance at the back of the diff and nearly 1" under the front of the diff. The rear diff will be rotated up so that the drive shaft points directly at the transfer case. On the rear we will see a full inch of increased ground clearance across the bottom. After welding, the inside is wire wheeled clean.
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